Hello, my name is Tim and welcome to my blog, chronicling my adventures in running!

My wife and I took up running in 2015.  I’ll be honest….I conned her into doing a marathon for our 40th birthdays, which we both celebrated in 2016.  My wife would really have liked to visit Peru but was talked into applying for the London marathon.  Unfortunately, we did not win places for London, so I talked her into the Manchester marathon instead.  She still hasn’t forgiven me!

The marathon started off really well, until 10 miles when my knee went for a burton.  We decided to run-walk the rest of the way, which was okay for the next 10 miles until my knee went completely!!!

Not wanting to give up, we basically dragged my leg around the last 6.2 miles and finished the race with a rather disappointing time of 7:07:13 seconds.

By then, despite everything, the running bug had bitten and we (almost immediately-ish!) decided to aim for another marathon in the future, to see if we could achieve a better time.

My journey over the last three years has not been easy.  I have been challenged by several medical issues, but I am determined not to let these problems stop me and I continue to push to run better, as well as raising money for good causes.  To this day, my Wife and I run all our races together, always crossing the finish line hand in hand.  So please read my blog and leave me comments