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Looking forward to the Llandudno 5K

It’s now only a few days until the Llandudno East 5K and I am really looking forward to it! The weather for Saturday is looking alright and I am really hoping to get a PB on this run. Will I be able to get my target goal of 27-minutes? I’m not too sure,... read more

Physio Day!!!

Since my last half marathon on the 2nd December, I have really been struggling with my right ankle/shin. It has been really quite painful, to the point that I could not weight bear on it at first. On Friday I paid a visit to Willaston Sports Physio and had a... read more

Warning: Injured Runner!

It’s been a week since my last Half Marathon where I injured my right leg/ankle. While I was running around Oulton Park I felt something snap in my leg but carried on.  It was tough at the time but I still managed to get across the finish line.  The... read more

Update on My Seizures

As we approach my last half marathon for the year and my 2018 challenge comes to an end, I thought I would give you all an update on how I am getting on with my seizures. To recap, at the start of the year I suddenly started to have seizures, these at the time looked... read more

The main thing running has taught me!

Running has taught me many things, from respecting the distance of a marathon (it’s all too easy to say, “It’s only 26.2 miles!”), through to running in the right kit.  One of the biggest things, that I hope I have finally learned, is that it... read more

The Importance of Strength Training

When I first started running, I thought it was just a matter of lacing up the shoes and hitting the streets, logging as many miles as I could.  In some ways this is true, but I really didn’t factor in any strength training at all.  My first Marathon in 2016 was... read more

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