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Welcome to my blog!!!  I started running in 2015 to help with my mental health.  I have suffered with depression for a number of years and after I found running, I noticed that it helped me find peace in my hectic, anxious and depressed mind.

Not only has running had a positive impact on my mental well being, it has also made me a physically much fitter person too.  I am now much stronger and I have had to reduce my trouser waist a number of times to take into account the number of calories that I have burnt off.

Most of the time I run with my wife Gayle.  We always take part in races together and we always cross the finish line hand-in-hand.  Running has made our relationship even stronger and it helps that we can both encourage each other when the going gets tough.

 I hope that you enjoy reading about my adventures in the wonderful world of long distance running.

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Me running along the millennium greenway cycle path in Wales.
Noticing a slight improvement!

Noticing a slight improvement!

Today our Polar plan was a 1:30 long run. The word "Run" being used in the very of loosest terms. In all there was improvement over last Sunday's long run and I will take that. This process isn't going to be an overnight success. I've got to retrain my body to work...

Base Training Continues…

Base Training Continues…

Base training has continued this week with lots of heart rate based running, strength training and mobility exercises. I've really been getting frustrated with the HR stuff as I'm not really getting to run that much! I feel that I'm walking more than running. I had...

Heart Pulse Circuit Sport Movement
New Marathon Training Plan

New Marathon Training Plan

Now that Gayle and I have signed up for the Rotterdam Marathon in April 2020, it's time to get our fitness back and start training for the awesome event. I know that a standard marathon training plan is around 16 weeks, but we have both lost a bit of fitness over...

The Great North Run 2019

The Great North Run 2019

Sunday 8th September was the 39th Great North Run and number 4 for me. Since Gayle and I started running the GNR, we have looked forward to it each year. After running it for our first year, we were offered and took out a membership so that we were guaranteed a...

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Long Run Abandoned! We planned our long run today in Llandudno. We were to run to Conwy and back which would have been around 19km. After the run we were going to have fish and chips from Barnacles. They do gluten… https://www.instagram.com/p/B7g37ihn3q-/?igshid=ddi074woy3wx

#RT @runnersworlduk: How to manage running stomach issues; a three-step approach for finding the right way to fuel during runs: https://buff.ly/364XBKt

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“It Doesn’t matter how fast you go, a mile is still a mile!”