A runners life under lockdown

Published 17th April 2020
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Over the past couple of months, life as we have known it has changed completely. An invisible force of nature has taken away the freedoms that many of us have taken for granted. This is something that none of us really thought could ever happen.

It’s been a shock to the system. Only a few weeks ago, I was running 22 miles as part of my Rotterdam Marathon training and Chester Half Marathon training. Now, we are out running just to keep our legs turning over, waiting for the day the lockdown is lifted and we can all head outside again.

It’s probably been a hard decision for the government to make, but alas, it is the right one. Only by us keeping our distance, staying home when we can and following all the rules can we save lives and emerge from this strange time.

Yes, we can go out for our exercise, but I really feel anxious while I’m out. I feel that people maybe condemning me for being out for a run, even though I maintain social distancing protocols and run during very quiet times. I also feel, because the world is so quiet at the moment, that it seems a very big and empty place. My life seems so small and everything seems overwhelming. It’s probably a bit of agoraphobia, but still it quite unsettling.

I know that at some point, life will get back to normal and we will be able to hit the roads properly for our long runs, running with friends and being able to visit our friends, family and loved ones. Until then, we just need to try and stay positive and come up with new and innovative ways to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

It’s been fantastic seeing all the videos and courses online. People turning rooms of their houses into gyms and coming up with amazing ways of keeping fit. Everyday I look at social media and I am in awe of what people are doing out there, it’s absolutely brilliant.


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