Let’s get back on track!!!

Published 25th February 2020
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I know, I know!!! I have been a bit lazy at getting some posts here on my blog, I really don’t have any excuse whatsoever. Let me give you a quick update at where I am with regards to this years goals and my general health.


Let’s start with my health. As many of you know, I have a health problem called Non-Epileptic Attack Dissorder, or NEAD for short. To be brief, I have seizures from time-to-time that are not epilepsy but caused by other factors, such as stress, depression and anxiety. I started with these in January 2018 and have had them ever since. These seizures resulted in me losing my job, because I had to drive to different GP surgeries delivering IT training. This was a big blow to my self esteem and to be honest, I felt like I had been thrown on the scrap heap. It’s dreadful when a company and a group of people that you consider colleagues turn their backs on you. But hey, it’s their loss.

I finally received an appointment this month with the Functional Neurologists at the Walton Centre, in Liverpool. After my consultation, they are arranging a course of in-depth psychotherapy to try and stop the seizures, that have basically been a pain because I am not allowed to drive. I should start the therapy in the next few months and then can really start on the path to recovery.


My goals for this year starts with the Rotterdam Marathon in April. Gayle and I have been putting in the hard work over the past few months, doing the long runs, medium runs, intervals runs, strength training, yoga and pilates. I have to admit, when we first signed up for this marathon, I was kind of dreading it. After the last two marathons that we completed, I know I have unfinished business with this distance, but it’s the distance that was terrifying me. This training block has been really good though. I have enjoyed the long runs, even if the weather has not been kind to us.

How do I feel about the marathon now? At the moment, I am feeling quietly confident. It won’t be fast and probably not pretty, but I am determined to get around in one piece! Something that I actually believe is possible.

Six weeks after the Rotterdam Marathon, Gayle and I are taking part in the Essar Chester Half Marathon. I was invited to run this race by the organiser and I will be sharing how my training is progressing and doing some exciting things with vlogging. Watch this space for more posts, vlogs and and tips.

Both Gayle and I have run the Chester Half Marathon in 2018. That was the year we decided to set the goal of running twelve half marathons in twelve months. A goal that we subsequently achieved, even though Gayle ended up running fourteen half marathons because I DNF’d two of the early ones because of seizure activity.

This year the Chester Half Marathon, has a new course incorporating the village of Mollington. So, although it’s the same HM, it’s going to include new scenery which I am looking forward to. Last year, Gayle and I volunteered at the Half Marathon and Marathon in Chester which was great. I loved cheering on the runners and trying to keep them motivated so that they got to the end, crossed the finish line and received that all important bling!

If you would like to sign-up for the Chester Half Marathon, you can do so by visiting their website. Click Here for More Information.

Later on in the year, we are taking part in our staple race of the year, the Great North Run. In it’s 40th year they are promising a phenomenal event. We always look forward to our visit to Newcastle and our run to South Shields. Hopefully the Red Arrows will be there this year and we will get to the finish before they start.

So there, we have it. A quick recap on everything that’s going on and where I want to end up this year. Keep following me and keep checking in for more stories, posts, Instagram posts, tweets, etc. I think 2020 is already looking like it’s going to be a good one.


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