Noticing a slight improvement!

Me running along the millennium greenway cycle path in Wales.
Published 27th October 2019
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Today our Polar plan was a 1:30 long run. The word “Run” being used in the very of loosest terms.

In all there was improvement over last Sunday’s long run and I will take that. This process isn’t going to be an overnight success. I’ve got to retrain my body to work more in the aerobic zones than in the anaerobic zones that it has been used to doing. This means taking my foot of the accelerator for a while, which is frustrating.

The plan was as follows:-

PhaseTimeHR Zone
100:10:001 & 2
400:05:001 & 2
Total Time01:30:00

Phase 2 was meant to be work, I couldn’t even get into a jog, it was just a very fast walk. Phase 3 this week was much better, it felt like I was accomplishing something. It was a bit faster than last week with regards to pace, so therefore I consider that to be an improvement.

During the week I altered my MaxHR rate on my watch and pushed it up a bit. I think sometime during this week I’m going to test my MaxHR with one of the many processes that I’ve read about. When I was younger, I had a slight heart problem called Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome which caused Supraventricular Tachycardia that made my pulse rate shoot up to around 270BPM even when I was resting.

I had the problem fixed with a little bit of surgery, but my cardiologist at the time said that I probably would always have a higher than average heart rate.

I will of course perform the stress test under supervision should any problems occur, but seeming that I’ve been running 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons and marathons with a HR much higher than the standard MaxHR for someone of my age, then I think I should be ok to do it.


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