Base Training Continues…

Published 23rd October 2019
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Base training has continued this week with lots of heart rate based running, strength training and mobility exercises.

I’ve really been getting frustrated with the HR stuff as I’m not really getting to run that much! I feel that I’m walking more than running. I had a look at my past stats during training runs and races and my heart rate has always been very fast, most of the time it is within Zones 4 and 5. I’ve even been known to go over the top of Zone 5 which is above my Max HR!

During my warm-ups I’ve kept my HR in Zones 1 & 2, then started a slow jog to bring it to Zone 3, as per my plan. I cannot maintain Zone 3, I spend a few minutes in Zone 3 and then I end up in Zone 4. I slow down back to a walk and my HR recovers, so then I start to jog again. It’s an annoying cycle because I feel like I’m just getting into the run when I have to stop again!

You can see the the run/walk cycle in my HR!

I know that it takes weeks of doing the HR training to see any difference, but my running feels like it had taken a step backwards!

After doing some reading, I found that 30% of the population do not fall within the realms of the calculation to find your max HR, I think I fall within this category. The basic calculation is 220BPM – Age = Max HR. Mine comes out at 177. You can do a test to find your true Max HR by doing a stress test, see for more information on how to do this. Looking at my past data, I found a run where I hit a big hill towards the end of the route. It took me more than two minutes to get to the top of the hill and I was running at quite a fast pace until I neared the top when I just had nothing left in the tank.

Looking at my HR data from this run, from the bottom of the hill to the top, my HR went up and plated at 195 beats per minute. Thus I figured that my Max HR is 196 because there was definitely nothing else to give.

Polar H10 Heart Monitor

I adjusted my watch to a Max HR of 190 BPM, I didn’t want to push my luck too much! The next run I went on, I was still very much comfortable in Zone 3 and I was running a little bit more. I think I made the right move to increasing the Max HR in my watch. Although the proof will be when I do an interval session, hopefully my heart won’t explode!!!!

I also made another purchase this week and got hold of a Polar H10 Heart Monitor Strap. Although the HR monitor on the Polar Vantage V is quite accurate, it still uses optical sensors to determine your pulse rate. The H10 being a chest strap detects the electrical activity in your hear, very much the same way as a clinical ECG machine at your doctors surgery. This makes it a lot more accurate in determining your pulse rate during exercise.

I’ve not used the chest strap yet for exercise and look forward to using it on Friday on my run. Hopefully using the strap and my increased Max HR I will see a bit of a difference.


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