Looking forward to the Llandudno 5K

Published 17th April 2019
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It’s now only a few days until the Llandudno East 5K and I am really looking forward to it!

The weather for Saturday is looking alright and I am really hoping to get a PB on this run. Will I be able to get my target goal of 27-minutes? I’m not too sure, but I will give it everything I’ve got.

I’m going into this race with a little bit of lower right leg soreness, but I’m doing plenty of foam rolling and releasing, so hopefully it shouldn’t give me too much of a problem.

I have run this race before in 2017 where both Gayle and I finished together at 30:08, the headwind on the return leg meant that, at the time, we were 8-seconds short of a PB!!!! I’m hoping that the wind will behave this year!

Once we have completed the Llandudno 5K, it’s then time to look forward to the Birmingham 10K in May.


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