My Shin is Getting Better!

Tim running along the coast
Published 30th January 2019
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After injuring my ankle/shin during my last half marathon in December, I have been hobbling around, resting it as much as possible.

I finally took Gayle’s advice and booked an appointment with both my Podiatrist and Sports Physio to take a look at the problem for me. The last time I visited the podiatrist was in September 2017 where she prescribed some custom made orthotics for me, these are insoles that have been specially designed for my foot to help with my over supination. The orthotics have a lifespan of around two years for normal use, however, because I’m a runner, the lifespan is somewhat shortened to around 12 months.

My original insoles were coming up on 15 months old and had lost their effectiveness, they had become very soft and they were not holding my foot in the correct position to help my supination. My podiatrist took new casts of my feet and then updated my prescription accordingly. This meant a new set of insoles that would hopefully help my shin problem.

After seeing the podiatrist I had an appointment with the physio, who is based in the same building. She took a look not only at my leg but the entire way I stand and hold myself. I was shocked at how a little imbalance in my feet was causing my entire body to shift to one-side. She was amazing and knew exactly where my problem was and she would work with my podiatrist to make sure that the insoles would fix my problem. She took my original insoles and made some temporary changes to them and after some ultrasound treatment, she taped up my foot, ankle and shin to try and align my foot better.

These little changes made a huge impact, my pain was instantly much better and I could walk without limping! The calf muscle on the back of my injured leg had suffered with some atrophy, so was told to work with my PT who is a functional movement and bio-mechanics specialist to build that side up again. She advised to give it a couple of days rest and then I could go for a very slow, easy and short run. I was over the moon.

I left it a couple of days and went for a little run and my leg felt much better. Yes, there was still a bit of pain there, but nothing like what I was experiencing before.

A picture of my new orthotics.
My new Custom Orthotics

After two weeks, my new orthotics arrived and I went for my fitting. At first, they felt really strand and I thought that I would not get used to them, but I just had to persevere with them, which I did. After a couple of days I ran 5km at an easy pace to see how they felt. There was a little bit of pain, but I was moving again!! That weekend, instead of a long run I went out on my new road bike instead. I know it’s not the same, but just getting some exercise and keeping my stamina up was important.

On Monday of this week, my leg was feeling so good, I went for a longish run with Gayle. We managed 12km along the seafront between Prestatyn and Rhyl in North Wales. My leg felt great, just a little niggle here and there, but it was nice to be running again.

Yesterday, the day after my 12km run, my leg was sore again, but it should be because it’s the furthest I’ve run since the 2nd December! To be honest, I had aches and pains all over, this just goes to prove how fast you can lose your fitness levels.

So where does this put me for the Big Half in March? Well, over the next few weeks I will be running in warmer conditions as we are travelling to the Canary Islands for a holiday, so I should hopefully be able to get my mileage up and hopefully be able to do the race. It won’t be a PB half marathon, but I don’t mind that. I’m just happy to be running again!

One thing that I will take away from this whole episode, is that if I get injured in the future, I will not keep holding out but will go and seek professional help from my physio to help me rehabilitate and get back on the road faster!


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