Physio Day!!!

Published 7th January 2019
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Since my last half marathon on the 2nd December, I have really been struggling with my right ankle/shin. It has been really quite painful, to the point that I could not weight bear on it at first.

On Friday I paid a visit to Willaston Sports Physio and had a consultation with the Podiatrist, Caroline. I have seen her before, when she prescribed a set of custom orthotics to help with my plantar fasciitis, and they worked wonders. Caroline had a look at my gait and how I stand and advised that I needed an updated prescription to account for some imbalances in my feet. I explained the problems that I have been having with my shin and she said that I should keep my appointment with Karen, the Physio. My new orthotics should be ready in a couple of weeks and should help my problem.

Today, I had my appointment with Karen, the Physio at WSP. She was brilliant. First of all, she took a very detailed history from me about my injury and she said she knew exactly what was wrong. She gave my leg a physical examination and said that I had damaged one of the muscles in the medial compartment of my leg, this was probably due to the adverse camber in the track I was running on at Oulton Park. As Caroline and Karen work together, she said that she would speak to Caroline and advise on some specific alterations to my new orthotics, to help prevent my problem occurring again.

Karen then did some ultrasound treatment to the problem area and taped my foot into the best position, or the position it should be in to allow my leg to heal. She also made some temporary alterations to my current orthotics to help my leg recuperate.

The best news was that I can start running on it again on Thursday! I’ve got to take it easy and not do anything fast or long, but I should be able to do a nice slow run just to ease my leg back into running, in the meantime I am allowed to continue at the gym and use my new bike.

Having my foot taped into the right position I can feel the benefits already. I can feel that I roll my foot through to my big toe instead of rolling on the outside of the foot!

Karen also said that my new orthotics could make me run faster, I can’t wait to find out if they do!


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