The one piece of gear I cannot run without

Published 16th December 2018
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We all have our favourite piece of running kit, for some people, it’s their trusty headphones or shoes and others it’s their sunglasses.  For me, it’s my underpants!

My underpants are the most important piece of equipment when I am hitting the streets.  Why?  Well, for me, wearing the right underpants has really made a great difference.  Now that I have found the right ones, I can truly say that I have never had any sort of chaffing in that area!

Which underpants do I use?  At first, to my embarrassment, I was running commando, I was relying on the inbuilt cloth that you find in shorts, I found that this wasn’t providing any support and I felt like I was running nude!  So, I bought some cheap running undershorts from a well known sports outlet.  They were okay, but they sometime caused chaffing and would ride up my legs, sometimes making it feel like my legs were being strangled.

After lots of reading in my running magazines and online I decided to buy a pair of Runderwear boxershorts and I have never looked back.  They are the best underpants I have ever owned for running.  They are comfortable to wear, they don’t ride up, they don’t chaff and they wick away sweat.

I am not being paid by Runderwear for this endorsement, so I am telling the truth that I would not go running without wearing a pair of these amazing underpants and I have bought a lot more since my intial pair.

If you haven’t already tried Runderwear, give them a go.  They are available for men and women and there are multiple styles and colours.  I believe they have also now brought out a triathlon suit as well which has had some good reviews.

UPDATE:  They have a Christmas offer on at the moment with 20% off their prices when you use code FESTIVE20 at checkout!


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