Warning: Injured Runner!

Published 9th December 2018
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It’s been a week since my last Half Marathon where I injured my right leg/ankle.

While I was running around Oulton Park I felt something snap in my leg but carried on.  It was tough at the time but I still managed to get across the finish line.  The pain was bearable but I could tell something was not quite right in my ankle and shin area.

Later that day I could not weighbear on my leg at all, the worse possible scenarios were going through my mind, the worst one that this could actually be a stress fracture.  My wife calmed my fears, but alas I could not put any weight on it.  I could hardly walk!

On Monday (3rd December), the pain was still very much there, I was taking painkillers, icing the area, heating the area and doing everything I could possibly do to try an make it better.  Every trick that I knew wasn’t working.  Later that day Gayle and I decided that if it was no better by the following day, I would go to our local Accident & Emergency department for assessment.

Tuesday came and although it felt slightly better, I still couldn’t put my full weight on it.  It was time to go to A & E and have someone look at it.

“If in doubt, light’em up”

In A & E, the nurse assessed my problem and said that it was probably soft tissue damage, but as a precaution they would do an X-Ray to rule out anything else.  The golden rule is, “If in doubt, light’em up!”

Fortunately, the X-Ray came back all clear and it was soft tissue damage, they advised carrying on doing everything I was and to try and walk on it normally.  This is easier said than done!

So, this week has been all about taking lots of painkillers and trying to rehab it as best I can.  A couple of days after my visit to A & E, I was managing to put my weight back on it again unaided, but it was still quite painful.

My usual functional training session with Steve at Titanium Functional Movements turned into a therapy session, where he gave it a good deep tissue massage.  This was painful at the time, but I’m now feeling a lot better.  To the point I have been using the elliptical trainer, going for walks and doing some function movement exercises at home.

I’m hoping that the recovery is fast so that I can get back out there and start running again.  I’m going to be sensible and not run on it until it does feel better, but I now understand why runners get grumpy when they can’t run!


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