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Published 17th October 2018
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I find that setting goals are the best way to keeping me motivated to improve myself.  You have already probably noticed that this year Gayle and I have set ourselves the challenge of running twelve half marathon in twelve months which, to be honest, I have found quite hard, mainly because I started the year unwell. Goal setting doesn’t have to be big and cover the whole year.  You can set yourself a load of small goals that can be accomplished throughout the day.  For example, you could say to yourself, “I am going to go for a fifteen-minute walk during my lunch break.” When setting your goals, it’s important that you consider if they are achievable!  Having a goal like, I am going to build a rocket and fly to the moon next week is probably not going to happen!  Keep your goals achievable.  I’m not saying don’t aim high, just be realistic at what you can achieve in the timeframe that you set yourself.

Write it down

manfredsteger / Pixabay

If you really want to set yourself up for a win, then write down your goal.  I find that this solidifies it in my mind and then I can start to plan how to achieve it.  I use an app for my iPhone and iPad that allows me to create mindmaps for my goals. Mindmaps are useful as you can dump directly out of your head onto paper in a format that is easy to organise and understand.  There’s nothing worse than going over old notes trying to decipher what you were trying to tell yourself at a later date. Having your goals written down also allows you to tick them off when they are completed.  There is nothing more satisfying than ticking off a goal on your list when it is done, it gives you a sense of pride that you have completed it.  Some people also give themselves a treat when their goal has been achieved.

Keep making them goals

Even if you set yourself a goal for the year, keep making smaller goals that are achievable and could make up part of your overall annual goal.  They key is to just keep on goal setting and then ticking them off your list when they are done.

Don’t be frightened of changing goals!

Sometimes life around us changes and our goals are either no longer possible to achieve or are no longer applicable.  This could be that your goal was to achieve a sub-2-hour half marathon, but you have had an injury that will prevent you from achieving the goal.  That’s okay, you just need to change your approach, put the original goal on the backburner and then make new goals for your recovery instead, such as over the next month I will do the exercises that my physio has given to me. When you are fit and well again, you can then reactivate your sub-2-hour HM goal again.


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