Perkins Great Eastern Half Marathon

Published 14th October 2018
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Race Stats

Average Pace 07.55min/km
Finish Time 02:51:50
My Rating

Half marathon number 9 for me this year and I have to say, apart from the weather, it was quite a good race and I would definitely consider running it again.

The route is very flat and, given the right conditions, I would try to use this course to get a half marathon PB.  There are some very slight hills here and there but they are few and far between and really just help to add a bit of variety to the run.

The weather on the day was awful!!!  I was drenched before the race had even started.  I had my heavier waterproof jacket on, and I’m glad I did.  Along with the rain, we had quite a blustery wind all the way around that cut through you like a knife.  By the time we had completed the race, Gayle and I were suffering from a little bit of hypothermia.

Our race time went out of the window as I had already had a couple of seizures during the morning, but we managed to get ourselves over the finish line with plenty of time in front of the sweeper bus.

There were a surprising number of supporters/spectators en route, given how horrible the weather was, all shouting words of support to us runners and the marshals were extremely vocal too, which makes such a difference to morale on days like this.

My only criticism about the event would probably be the bag drop off at the start.  There only seemed to be one person manning the table for our number group (encapsulating 1000 race numbers) and the queue was extremely long; Not ideal considering it was cold, raining and we wanted to get our pre-race rituals done in plenty of time before the race started.  This aside, it was a very friendly and well-organised event and I look forward to entering it again in the future.


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