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Published 4th September 2018
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Every year Gayle and I set ourselves a motivational running goal. Last year’s goal was for me to complete 1000 km over the year, and for Gayle to complete 1000 miles (I chose kilometres because of work commitments at the time!).  This year’s goal is to complete 12 Half Marathons between 1st January and 31st December.

I have had a pretty rocky start to the year, with a flare up of my depression coupled with having Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder seizures.  Due to the high frequency of seizure activity during the start of the year, I have, at time of writing, completed 6 HM’s and Gayle has completed 8.  I aim to have caught up by the end of the year!

This month we will be running two Half Marathons, starting with the Great North Run at the beginning of the month and then the Disneyland Paris 5k and Half Marathons a few weeks later.

As a person that has suffered with mental health issues, we have decided to run our Half Marathons this year in support of the charity MIND, who provide advice and guidance to people just like me who are going through a hard time.

To try and boost our fund raising we have set a little challenge.  If, by the time we finish the Great North Run on Sunday, we have raised £250 in sponsorship we will run the Disneyland Paris 5k race in fancy dress, I will dress as Nemo and Gayle will dress as Dory. However, if we reach the £400 point, instead of running the 5k in costume, we will endeavour to embarrass ourselves even more by running the Half Marathon dressed as Tigger and Eeyore, instead.

The choice is yours, the more you donate the sillier we will look running around Disneyland Paris.

Both Gayle and I appreciate anything that you can donate and every little helps for a fantastic cause.  If you feel that you could spare a couple of quid, please feel free to visit the link below and donate.

Thank you.

Click here to visit our JustGiving Page


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