An update on how I’m getting on.

Published 26th June 2018
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I thought I would write a quick post to let you all know how I am getting on with my running, my depression and the seizures.

From the running point of view, we are now halfway through the year and should be halfway through our 2018 challenge of twelve half marathons in twelve months.  Unfortunately, due to all the chaos at the start of the year, I’m two races down and will have to do some catch-up.  Gayle is on track with five under her belt and another one coming up on Sunday.  I don’t expect too much difficulty catching up with my other two races now that I have managed to successfully complete three, I just need to find the races to take part in!

With regards to my Depression, my mood has definitely lifted over the last few months and my anxiety is significantly reduced, thanks to the Sertraline tablets I have been taking.  Of course, the ongoing seizures are stressful for me and still impact my mood at times.  Yes, I am still having seizures.  I had an EEG a couple of months ago and have now received the results.  The EEG was normal and I have been diagnosed with Non-Epileptic Activity Disorder (NEAD).

So the question is, what exactly is triggering my seizures?  I am waiting for an appointment to see a Neuropsychologist, but in the meantime, both Gayle and my GP have been keen to exclude my Antidepressants as a potential cause, after all the seizures started 3 weeks after I commenced an SSRI and I was immediately swapped to another SSRI. So, for the last few weeks, under close supervision, I have been reducing my Sertraline tablets and will be swapping to a completely different tablet, called Mirtazapine, tomorrow.  Mirtazapine was prescribed to me a number of years ago and was very effective for my Depression, I didn’t have any neurological side effects that I can remember, but it did cause a significant amount of weight gain.  Last time I was taking it, I was a lazy little bugger and didn’t move my arse as much as I should have!  This time, I hope I can control my weight through my running.  So, fingers crossed and we will see what this new medication brings, but I have noticed a slight improvement in my seizure activity since reducing my Sertraline, so I am hopeful that the change will have a positive impact on my health and I can start getting back to normal as soon as possible!


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