ESSAR Chester Half Marathon

Published 29th April 2018
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Average Pace 07.55min/km
Finish Time 02:51:26
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Yesterday I ran the Chester half marathon, which was my second completed HM of 2018.  I must admit I had reservations about running this race after taking part in the Chester Marathon last year. I didn’t really enjoy the full Marathon much, as I found the course a bit boring consisting of miles and miles of country lanes with little to no support from spectators.  Thankfully, the Half Marathon was completely different, there were spectators throughout the course and they all gave a good cheer as you ran past.

They say this course is quite flat……hhhhmmmm,  a bit of an exaggeration.  I know Chester very well and I can tell you that it’s far from being flat!  There was a steep hill at both the beginning and the end, so if you are thinking of running this race, just be aware of that.  The start of the race was like the full marathon, at the Chester Race Course.  This wasn’t ideal as the ground was quite boggy, something you don’t want is wet trainers before you start a race, so I would recommend some overshoes to protect your trainers.

The overall organisation of the race was very good.  There were plenty of marshalls along the route, giving lots of encouragement as you ran past.  There were also plenty of water stations along the route, but we didn’t take any as we had our camel packs on.

In all, it was a good race, although we didn’t get anywhere near to our best half marathon time.  Obviously, my recent health issues played a part in this.  We went out with a run-walk race plane to conserve my energy.  Unfortunately, Gayle’s hip also started to play up at three miles and then seized completely at 11 miles.  She did manage to pull out all the stops for a sprint finish though.  She is an awesome runner.


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