Oulton Park Half Marathon 2018

25th Feb 2018 | General Posts

Today was the Oulton Park Half Marathon and as you know I’ve been a bit behind with my running lately due to the whole Epilepsy thing.

Back in January I attempted to run the Helsby Four Villages Half Marathon a week after being diagnosed.  That was a mistake, I ended up dropping out after 9.5k, due to having an absence seizure.

Today, I thought I should be okay, the seizures have been getting better but I’m still getting quite tired easily.  I figured I was okay to at least give it a go!

Alas, it was not meant to be.  I gave it my best but it was just too much for me at this stage. I managed 14.25km but it felt like I was running through treacle at one point.

After having an internal battle with myself over continuing with only just under 7km to go or stopping, I went with my head and not my heart and called it a day.

Gayle amazingly continued around the course and finished.

So, I now have a second DNF for the year, but hey you know what, I feel proud of myself for getting out there 6 weeks after being diagnosed with Epilepsy and having a go.  I managed to run my furthest distance since being diagnosed and I’m taking that as a win!

I’m seeing a neurologist tomorrow who should be able to have a look at my medication and see if any changes can be made to better control the seizures and reduce my tiredness.

I’m down for the Big Half in London next week.  I’m in two minds whether to go for it or not.  This one has a five hour completion time, so I could walk it if needs be, and I will have Gayle with me to keep an eye on me!